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Fall in Vermont

This year the Fall season was probably the most beautiful to date. A combination of super warm days well into the season with a drastic drop in the temperature create a display of colors such amazing colors that I simply can't stop taking pictures...the weather allowed us to take long walks and we are taking advantage of this as much as we can. Winter will be here very soon and for now, we are enjoying the fresh brisk air outside. Here are some of the beautiful 
Here are some photos of the amazing foliage this year.
Our back yard in full color! I'm so happy I chose these colors for the shed, they seem to work in all seasons...


our street covered in leaves after the rain


Shelburne Farms is right down the road from us  and our favorite place for long walks 


Bay Park  is also close, with beautiful wooded trails and views of the bay.


a favorite spot to picnic overlooking the lake.


Happy fall everyone!

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